The Outsourced Call Center That Speaks Your Brand

We consistently deliver a superior Customer Care experience to your customers.

Great Brands are built on great Customer Experiences.

Here’s how we can improve yours…

You Built It

Your brand has a great reputation. Your business is customer-focused. You nurture each engagement but need help managing the complexity.

Let's Scale It.

Let’s operationalize the consistent delivery of high-quality customer experiences. You need more than a contact center. You need an Experience Center.


You’re searching for an outsourced contact center that understands this. A trusted partner with the experience to deliver. A long-term fit.

RD Digital Solution's relationship-based, proactive service starts here.

Together, we’ll define your objectives and scope of work to ensure Global Response is a good fit for your brand.
Our team will focus on maximizing the value of each customer contact.

What we do​

Outsourcing creates opportunities, not costs. We help you leverage:​


Technology investments that deliver results


Personnel management and development


Compliancen certifications to provide security


Physical infrastructure to support your growth

You’re looking for an outsourced call center that can deliver the kind of brand experience that your customers expect.

Call Center Outsourcing ESSENTIALS

Company History

Determine your prospective partner’s history and evolution, services offered, experience level and whether they are U.S.-based. Who are the executive leadership, and the people behind the nameplate? Equally important is the approach to representation of your brand. How does the culture foster teamwork, commitment and passion that delivers a great customer experience, every time?


Ask candidates to provide a detailed implementation plan with a description of their approach to launching. Understand timing and commitment required by both parties. Request a roadmap of the launch process. Is it collaborative? Can they help you establish new processes, if needed? What best practices do they recommend? 


Seek to understand the provider’s technology stack. What solutions are offered for ACD, IVR, CTI, CRM, order management and for Workforce and Quality Management? What is the policy on contact recording and storage? What channels does the outsourcer accommodate using which platforms? What experience do they have in systems design and integration?

Management Structure

How does the outsourcer structure the management of your program? What is the hierarchy? Are you provided a dedicated Operations Manager, and how is that person selected? What are their responsibilities? Understand the lines of communication on both sides. Who does the Operations Manager oversee? Are there floor supervisors and team-leads to supply front-line support in training and QA?

Workforce Management

Determine the outsourcer’s approach to workforce management, including the technology. What elements does the forecasting process employ to create work schedules, such as historical contact arrival patterns, seasonality, promotions and events? Future forecasts should include expected productivities; and service levels by day, interval and work type.


Understand the provider’s approach to staffing your program, with supporting structure and processes. Will it be a dedicated, shared or blended model? How will the account be staffed with skilled specialists that speak your brand? What are the recruiting strategies and employee retention policies? Ask about the interview process.


Is its approach tailored to your brand and does it incorporate product knowledge, processes and systems? Does it offer brand immersion strategies?Does it employ a nesting strategy? How is training success determined? At what point are trainees considered to be “Brand Specialists”?

Quality Management

What platform is deployed and how does it support recording, monitoring, evaluation, reporting and analysis and continuous improvement? How does the provider score calls, chats, email and social media interactions? Do they offer weekly calibration sessions with you to align quality goals?


How does the provider secure networks, PCs and server equipment? Are firewalls and anti-virus/anti-malware applications in place and current? Is the company PCI Level 1 and SOC2 certified? Does it have a Business Continuity Plan and backup systems to ensure uninterrupted operations?

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