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To staff your SAP project, our team carefully screens and vets potential candidates and presents you with just a few who we believe are most suited to meet your specific needs. Rather than giving you dozens of resumes to consider, we do the work for you until we know for certain that we have found the right consultant(s) for the job.These resources are provided to you on a time and materials basis. You only pay for the resources you use and you are able to avoid the overhead associated with permanent staffing. This also means you get the best “brains” available for as long as you need them… but no longer than necessary. With our offices in the U.S.,U.K., we have staffing experts in your local job markets. You can leverage our global resources to get a better understanding of hiring and industry trends and to tap into talent pools wherever you do business.

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IT staffing provides comprehensive staffing solutions for all our clients’ Information Technology needs.  Using focused search strategies and an extensive database of experienced professionals, our team is uniquely positioned to source optimal candidates. The RD Staffing Difference is that we are unparalleled in our ability to assess and match talent.  For over ten years, our staff has worked intimately with corporations and technology professionals to understand the increasingly specialized roles within the workplace.At RD Staffing, we appreciate that the right candidate is comprised of both technical and soft skills that will match both the IT environment and organizational culture.  We are dedicated to aligning employee career paths to the evolution and goals of our client companies.  Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to the following:


Staffing provides comprehensive staffing solutions for all our clients’ Information Technology needs.


At RD IT Staffing services, we understand the evolution of the marketing industry throughout the nations leading organizations.


RD Staffing knows that to keep ahead in today’s competitive market; dependability and excellence are priorities for Financial & Accounting experts.


Owned and operated by a licensed attorney, our recruitment team operates with a unique awareness of the exceptional character, education, and skills required in the legal industry.

We deliver excellence with solid and well equipped IT professionals

We are the provider of IT staffing services for various companies around the globe that help our clients to execute their business goal.

Our Holistic Staffing Service

Contract Staffing

Fill your technology demand and never have empty seats in your project. Our Contingency staffing offers qualified resources for your projects. Our consultants are ready to deliver your requirements.

Permanent Staffing

We helps customers source, screen and qualify right talent for your needs. If you are looking for a consultant to join your team, CodeForce will help you find the right hire.

Master Vendor Services

Through our Master Vendor Services Program, we offer a unique management program that optimizes your entire cost, managed your contingent staffing budget and minimizes risk.


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RD Digital Solutions is a leading ERP solution provider, helping organizations to transform their business to compete in the digital economy using the latest innovation and cutting edge technologies


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