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Simplify your company’s processes by centralizing them into a single business management solution. Your team will gain greater visibility into your business’ performance and make decisions based on real-time data.


We provide whole array of solutions for pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. We provide solution which lets clear and transparent flow of information.


The global retail market has seen considerable growth in the past few years and is emerging as one of the largest sectors of the economy.


Despite the rapidly growing construction industry, many small and medium-sized companies are facing issues in being successful


The Wholesale and Distribution industry is fast changing because of the frequent changes in end customer needs and demands.


We provide undergoing enormous changes worldwide today. Running a chemical industry smoothly needs to have tools and systems that streamline


An enhanced manufacturing industry requires effective planning and strategist of resources for smooth deployment of inventory.


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RD digital Industry Solutions

Making digital transformation real

Industry solutions accelerate your digital transformation, whether you’re in the public sector or consumer industries. Our communications and networking solutions help you manage costs and compliance, connect teams and machines, serve customers, and keep ahead of the competition.Industries Software delivers solutions built for the specific needs of individual industries. Based on years of experience understanding key industry requirements, these solutions help companies quickly realize value in their products and processes.



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Medical & Life Science


The global pharmaceutical industry has seen a significant advancement in the past few years and is emerging as one of the largest sectors of the healthcare economy. Leading healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are adopting SAP Business One to improve the efficiency of business operations, increase the productivity of the employees and to respond easily to market demands. Using SAP Business One in this industry integrates the functions of manufacturing, finance and customer relationship management sectors.

Engineering & Constructions


Despite the rapidly growing construction industry, many small and medium-sized companies are facing issues in being successful. Inadequate project planning and scheduling, inflexibility and underutilization of resources are the main challenges faced by these firms. SAP Business One is the perfect ERP solution that helps construction industries in increasing profitability by helping companies deliver projects on time and budget. If you wish to enhance your construction business functions, then the best bet is to start with SAP Business One and then purchase profitable industry specific add-ons according to your business needs.

Chemicals & Dyes

Improve Production

The chemical industry is undergoing enormous changes worldwide today. Running a chemical industry smoothly needs to have tools and systems that streamline and automate the entire processes from manufacturing to development. SAP Business One is a complete integrated business solution for Chemicals or Liquids based industries. Companies who manufacture products like Inks and Dyes, Paints and Pigments, Adhesives, Resins, Fluids and Lubricants. SAP Business One is one such ERP solution that enhances business processes of chemicals and dyes industries by solving unique challenges faced by them.

Retail & Ecommerce

Connected customer experience

Connected customers now define retail and consumer goods winners and losers. With data science and advanced analytics, you can better understand consumer sentiment and behavior. You can personalize the omnichannel shopping experience and tailor localized assortments. You can dynamically change prices and promotions. And you can enable agile fulfillment and supply chains.Make every shopper experience feel personal and relevant. Digital technology lets you add ease, convenience, customization, personalization, and automation.ou can enhance business processes and operations.

Wholesale distribution

automation to increase productivity

Increase productivity and accuracy, gain instant traceability, all while being adaptable to your Wholesale Distribution company’s specific requirements.Leverage a sophisticated and comprehensive warehouse management solution for SAP Business One Cloud ERP Software, designed to boost wholesale distribution productivity and profitability in your supply chain by transforming your logistics processes into finely-tuned operations. With the Wholesale Distribution Stack on the Rddigitalsolutions Platform, your company will be equipped with the tools required to win.


Now with higher intelligence

The most innovative manufacturing companies are applying Industrial IoT concepts and technology to transform product development, supply chains, and manufacturing operations. Over 200 of the leading manufacturers around the globe, including the top 10 auto manufacturers, rely on Cloudera to run their operations. Learn how connecting smart products, engineering, the factory floor, and customer experience enable you to speed time to market, improve product quality, and scale your business while holding the line on costs.Data Strategy Drives Connected Manufacturing Success.

Industrial Solutions

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Industrial Supplies

We are delivering its wide range of solutions in the Electrical, Mechanical & Instrumentation activities for Government & Private – Industries/Factories. We have a crew of technical experts familiar with the authority standards & work procedures of Government Organizations and deliver the appropriate solutions as required by the Government Organizations.
The transformation of society and surrounding industries are closely interlinked and interdependent. Therefore, transformation in one often poses challenges for the other. Through its industrial solutions, Hitachi offers technologies that help customers overcome major challenges. Hitachi makes continuous contributions toward the industrial environment through manufacturing optimization, logistics rationalization and optimum energy management. We offer a variety of solutions and technologies essential to our customer’s business operations including:

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