SAP Landscape Migration on Cloud

Seamlessly migrate SAP Business Suite and Netweaver systems on cloud

Offerings for SAP Landscape Migration on Cloud

We helps you to migrate your existing SAP Systems and create a perfect cloud landscape to meet your business requirements. Our solutions can support you speed up the migrations to the cloud with precision, which in turn will help the organization to boost productivity and reduce costs.

Business Drivers for Cloud Migration

SAP and cloud space can help you migrate all your on premise SAP systems to cloud and thereby reducing the cost and increasing the value of your SAP investments.

24/7 Support

Basic IT Support to ensure that users can always have access to the system

Eliminate Capex

Cloud pricing is always based on the time scale basis and hence no upfront cost is required to be invested

Managed backups

Effective and tool based backup and process to ensure business continuity

Access anywhere anytime

Remote and secure connectivity for users from wherever they want to access the systems

Optimize IT Support resources

Recurring expenses for hardware/systems resources can be better utilized on productive projects which adds values to the business

Guaranteed system performance

Systems are maintained at the highest level of performances and security available

Predictable IT Costs

Predictability of TCO based on the usage and cost optimization without business process impacts

scale up based on the demand

The conventional ERP installations/migrations typically demand ample effort and planning. The use of ERP systems on-premise increases administration costs and maintenance window is more and time consuming, also involves a host of other known and unknown risks. Organizations require huge investments to keep the servers up and running, and have challenge to scale the existing hardware. Organizations are faced with the challenge to accommodate the infrastructure, and have to deal with frequent downtime following an emergency maintenance due to system malfunctions. Today‘s business wants to replace obsolete infrastructure and virtualize SAP Servers to increase space utilization, scalability and availability. There is an ever growing need to optimize Annual Maintenance Cost and reduce capital expenses. By utilizing the route of SAP installation/migration on cloud, businesses can capitalize on speed of deployment as cloud ERP doesn’t require additional hardware and can scale up based on the demand

When migrating your SAP to the cloud, RD Digital Solutions offers you:

Lower Risk

We can provide you with a proof of concept, which essentially enables you to compare a cloud version of your SAP solution.


Our solution is based on the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) and backed by two Australian onshore data centres for ultimate peace of mind.

Experience & Expertise

We have the technical skills for both SAP and Microsoft Azure to support trial proof of concepts for your SAP applications

Delivery Model

We understand the importance of data integrity with its implementation experience of SAP certified add-on product across the globe. Our proprietary Upgrade / Migration analyzer tools assist and guide to enhance the migration by analyzing the complexities of existing on-premise landscape with before and after the migration process. The key differentiators of our delivery model are explained below:

Methodologies we follow

SAP on Cloud Services

  • SAP Migration
  • SAP ERP & NW Installation
  • SAP Basis Administration
  • SAP Security
  • System Monitoring & Support


  • Migrate DEV system
  • Technical testing
  • Migrate QA system
  • Regression testing
  • Migrate PRD system


  • Discovery
  • Scope
  • Sizing
  • Landscape design
  • Migration plan

Consulting Services

    • Proof Of Concepts
    • Migration Assessment
    • Architecture Planning
    • SAP OS/DB Migration Assessment
    • Solution Architecture & Designing


  • Manage
  • Cloud infrastructure
  • Monitoring & Health check
  • Performance & Tunings
  • Set backup strategy


  • Setup environment
  • SAP installations
  • on Cloud
  • Proof of concept
  • Test environment

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